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Welcome to career management – Advance

For the most demanding leadership roles, including board, CEO, CFO or other ”CxO” positions, we offer a comprehensive candidate service.


Do you want to advance or change your career?

When you assist hundreds of customers, you get a good idea of what – and who – an organization needs to succeed. If you are looking for your next career step, join our candidate pool. We can tell you who is hiring and what you need to get ahead in which role.

Search and find your desired career.

Register to see opportunities for free. Or, to give yourself the edge, join Candidate Pool Advance and get personalized action plans and recruiters to find your next assignment.



Are you thinking about advancing or changing your career? You can register your CV in our database and be contacted by our recruiters. There may be waiting times!


We want to know who you are, your conditions and wishes. We work according to your needs, create a structure and a clear plan to reach your goals.


Our candidate pool Advance is the basis for the recruitment process and is adapted to your needs and wishes as well as the employer’s requirements.

Working with our recruiters is like having a career accelerator

Looking for a new job/assignment requires investments, both time and emotions. It’s not always an easy journey, but we’ll help you keep your eyes on the action.

What does it cost?

Onboarding & Individual coaching – Advance

Registration SEK 8,000
On-boarding interview 3 hours. – [SEK 8,400]

Your cost SEK 16,400 including VAT

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive ”desired assignment” with. Our candidate pool Advance increases your chances of ”desired assignment”

Whether you’re looking to change careers or move up the ranks, we all go further with someone by our side. Looking for a job is not always easy. Our experts are here to help you stay focused, create action plans and be an important sounding board.

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