Welcome to Interim management – a strong network of skilled interim managers!

NES agent Interim is a strong network for skilled and experienced interim managers. Through us you will find interesting interim assignments or recruitments.

The target group we work with is all roles within the management team or roles directly connected to top management

In order to be considered for assignments, it is important that you submit your CV (in pdf format) and information about yourself. Your chances of being hired for interesting assignments increase significantly if you can check the following:

You should have documented experience of working as an interim manager or equivalent
You have your achievements and competences described and well documented
You should have worked with different clients
You have experience of working in senior positions at management level
You start your CV with a summary of your strengths and which roles you might be suitable for an assignment

When you ”connect” you get the opportunity to describe your experiences and skills in more detail.

NOTE, in order to be able to register as searchable and then be able to find you for possible assignments, we need a CV – always attach it directly. Also, a mobile number is always appreciated, it’s often fast paced when an assignment is on the table and we need to reach you as quickly as possible then.

In our process, we always carry out a background check and verification of submitted information by selected final candidates. We search further than 5 years back in time with several different authorities and databases, always keep us informed if there is something that happened in your history that we and the customer should know about – better to know before than after…

Register for our Interim network by contacting our employees or directly as a member of  MNV – Inside Business

How does an interim consultant work – and us?

We work all day to meet customers or consultants, everything to be able to quickly help if/when needs arise and a sharp assignment is on the table!

We carry out sales activities in the form of mailings, advertising but also personal contact via telephone. Everything to find interesting assignments where we can help and solve the customer’s situation.

Interviews with consultants before assignments and close contact during the course of the assignment with all parties are also part of our way of working.

Everything to create successful interim solutions and help our customers and consultants to success.

Why work as an interim manager through us?

  • Personal development

    You get exciting assignments that challenge you and help you grow in your professional role and as an individual!
  • Balance between work and everyday life

    The assignments can be full-time, part-time and are usually between 4-9 months. There are opportunities for ”own time” if you wish and the flexibility is considerably greater than in a traditional employment!
  • Constant development – support from experienced leaders

    Each assignment is unique! Should a complicated situation arise, as an interim manager at Scandinavian Executive you have access to a network of senior expertise and operational support! Our network includes, among other things, legal and financial expertise at the highest level
  • Good compensation

    The fee for the assignments is always distributed transparently and together with you. As an interim manager with us, you avoid sales work, among other things. Our customers get added value by not having to look for experienced interim managers in several places.

Welcome to our Interim network contact our employees or as a member of MNV – Inside Business

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